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27 May 2009 @ 06:16 pm
Hello hello!  
Hello! Hope everyone is doing well. :)

I am spank brand new around these parts, and very new to makeup. I'm a workaholic who hasn't paid much attention to myself and I want to change that.

What are some great sites, resources, and brands for people of color? Any other LJ communities to recommend also, is great.

I know it sounds weird, but I have no idea what skin color I have. It seems to change like a chameleon. How can I find out for sure what type of makeup I need? I went to Belk but they tried pushing some Gucci makeup or something and I can't afford that shit! I'm willing to buy quality brand but not on the highest end, if I can help it. Unless it is on sale, of course. :)

Thanks so much for any help.
Current Mood: chipperchipper